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Default NiMH Charger

Going on vacation and think 2 4-chargers would be smaller, more portable, etc. than a single 8-charger. Is there a difference btw chargers? One brand "faster" than others?

My Oly C-5050 came w/ a 4-charger so I'm thinking of getting 1 more 4-charger. I also plan to use the NiMHs in my Motorola

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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The feature I would consider manditory is that each battery has its own circut to detect charge. This allows batteries at different charge levels to be charged at the same time.

The cheaper chargers require the batteries to be charged in pairs and they should be at basically the same level.

I'd also want it to handle AA and AAA sizes.

Then I'd worry about speed. The two that I would consider are:
The Maha c401fs

Rayovac 1-Hour charger

The last is a fast charger which probably shortens the life of the batteries... but not enough to really make a difference. The other is a really well made longer charger.

The arguments between the two have been waged long and lound here. I came away with it thinking that they both have their place. When you need a fast charge, the rayovac is good and does almost no damage to the batteries. When you have the time (over night) the Maha is really well made and won't hurt the batteries at all.

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