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A simple test to compare relative discharge times of four CGR-006 batteries.

Test Subjects:
Item A OEM Panasonic CGR-S006A, 7.2v, 710mAh, Li-ion (For Pana FZ30)
Item B non--OEM equivalent , Vidpro Corp, Power2000, 7.2v, 1000mAh
Items C & D non--OEM equivalent , Vidpro Corp, Power2000, 7.2v, 1000mAh

Used items A & B were alternated in capturing more than 10,000 images with weekly use over a one-year period.
Similar, fewer than two-dozen, re-charge cycles for each.
New items C & D were tested as received, after conditioning.

Procedure: All batteries were initially cycled to condition them, as recommended.
All discharges were in a Panasonic FZ30 set to run continuously with LCD monitor ON.
All batteries were re-charged using the same OEM Panasonic DE-993 charger.
Discharge durations were in the FZ30 from "Full" to the point of automatic cut-off.

Item Model mAh Rating Discharge Durations, hh:mm
==== ============== ======== ====================
Aged Batteries:
A CGR-S006A 710 2:38, 2:37
B ACD-254/CGR-S006 1000 1:34, 1:31
New Batteries
C ACD-254/CGR-S006 1000 3:07, 3:09
D ACD-254/CGR-S006 1000 3:11, 3:09

Items C & D, as delivered properly partially charged, had initial discharge times of in the FZ30 of 2:06 and 1:36, respectively.

The manufacturer's ratings suggest that the Power2000 (P2K) 1000mAh batteries, under like use conditions, initally should sustain the FZ30 required voltage 41% longer than the OEM battery. The new P2K batteries did sustain the voltage for 20% (but not 40%) longer. However, after extensive corresponding use and many discharge cycles, the P2K battery B, as fully charged, had degraded in 1 year by half to sustain the required voltage for only 60% as long as OEM item A with corresponding age and usage. Results were reproducible.

The non-OEM P2K batteries are specified to have a "Built-in Safety Fuse" and 2-year manufacturer's "performance" warranty. The price was $13.95 ea (Battery Barn).
The OEM battery, with one-year waranty, sells at retail, $69.95 ea.

Buyer's Choice.

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