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Has anyone ever used a third party brand (generic) AC adapter for their camera? There's quite a few for sale on ebay for a fraction of the price of a name brand. Is it a wise investment for one of these or should one just stick with genuine accessories?
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You "CAN" use any third party or generic power supply with any appliance. At the end of the day, current/voltage is current/voltage, no matter where it comes from - provided you stick to a few rules...

1. The required voltage is correct - if you need 9 volts, DON'T use a 12volt supply and don't use a 6v one either - use only9 volts. However, don't worry about the current - if an original power supply can sustain 9v at 1amp, you can still use a 9v with5amp or more supply,, as the device will draw what current (amps) it needs...

2. The connectors are the same - Make sure thenon-standard supply has the exact same type of connector as the original, or - IT AINT Gonna fit...

3. Make sure that the wiring is the right way around. If it's just a simple positive and negative type of connection, simply make sure that eachjoins to its corresponding connector on the device or you will burn stuff inside. When you have more than just the two wires,, as in special wiring for that particular devices special requirements,, make enquiries into the replacement supplies wiring so that it will do the job. Again,, if its wrong, you may fry stuff inside. Not Good...!!!

Some times, a device will have its own special requirements and may have sensing chips either in the power supply and/or inside the device to make sure you are using the correct supply... If you don't use the correct one, it may simply not work. It may not do any damage but it simplymay not work in the device. I had had this happen with avideo camera. It took me a couple of days to find out that the chips inside the camerawould not let thiscamera accept the supply. The guy who sold the replacement supply did not want to refund me either,, until I called him an a**hole infront of his boss...

All said and done, I am a great fan of using replacement power supplies, whenever I can get away with it. I am also an amateur radio operator and have loads of radio gear and power supplies. Quite often I will use my own stuff or even get out the soldering iron and make the connections,, BUT,, when life gets a little tootricky, I go out and buy the GENUINE item...
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