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Steve, Your discussion of all the chargers and batteries is fabulous, but I can't sort that much info. Do you or someone else have some specific recommendations for the criteria I will list below? Or alternatively, do all the features and pros and cons and pricesof the alternative models exist in a table where I can see side by side and assess my tradeoffs?

My criteria:

I just got a camera which uses aa batteries, and now want a charger for Nimh batteriesand also the best batteries.

-Portable, preferably small
-Capable of sensing what the battery needs and restoring it if needed, and keeping it on trickle charge when I don't use it immediately. I'd rather not have to choose settings myself, and I'm not the type who remembers to turn things off. I would like it to tell me for each battery if possible, whether it has taken a charge, how well, and when I should discard.
-relatively quick charge, but not necessarily the very quickest.
-preferably, ok for travel abroad too
-preferably wiith 12v hookup option
-Not super expensive, though I'm willing to pay more than the minmum, to get the above qualities.

If there is an economical small, travel model that has most of these qualities, but doesn't do the rejuvenation part, I could buy that, and then, for home, a larger one which can charge more batteries at once, other battery styles as well-c, d, 9v- and has the other features.

-Last longest on a charge
-Maximum number of charges in lifetime
-minimal drain while in camera in "off" position
-The most economical over time: that is, I don't mind paying more fore something that will give me more power per penny over a lifetime
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bumping this as I will need something similar once I decide on a camera.

I honestly hate to admit this but if I had to pick which batteries to go with after reading the review I would go with the eneloop or hybrio because I like the way they look :sigh:
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If you live in the US look at the Maha line of chargers, maybe this one: http://www.mahaenergy.com/store/view...?idProduct=352
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This is what I been using and they work fantastic. recharge in 15 min. and last as long as or longer than other recharg. batteries.
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Hello FL_Golfer,

I don't believe Rayovac is still offering or supporting the I-C3 products. If you like your system, I would suggest you try and find some extra cells, and perhaps stock up on an extra charger as well.

These chargers and cells are out of stock in a lot of locations.

Rayovac has moved on to low self discharge batteries.

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