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Hi everyone, Looking for some input on a repeated issue I have had with a recently deleivered Titanium V4000 charger I purchased from Amondo Tech.

I have read and followed the instructions exactly, batteries are inserted properly, polarity is correct, switch in back in proper position and a reliable constant A/C source is being used.

On both occasions; with two new chargers and two new sets of 4 included 2400MAh AA batteries, the charger starts the charge cycle properly. After about a half hour, the LED's go off and never enter the trickle mode (slow flashing LED's). The batteries arehot, almost too hot to touchat premature shutdown, as is the charger, though not quite as hot as the batteries. I am under the impression that the thermal curcuit has been activated shutting the unit down. The charger will not return to charge mode unless you unplug it and re-insert it intothe power source.

I am wondering if there is a series of defective units out there, or perhaps this charger is not compatible with 2400MAh cells.

I look forward to your expertise and input, and if anyone may have a good personal contact at Amondo tech who is fluent in english I would appreciate it.

Thanks to all in advance,!

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I have this same charger marketed as the Ripvan100 Lightning 4000 charger.

I have stopped using it because...
- it frequestly shuts down due to thermal overload
- it rarely fully charges the batteries, even when it does not shut down.

While the charger is relatively cheap, it is just not reliable enough.

So now I use the Maha C800 battery charger.


- Can charge up to 8 AA or AAA batteries at one time
- Can charge a single battery

Has not shut down due to thermal overload yet and seems to provide a consistant full charge to my batteries, something the Ripvan never did.

My suggestion is to forget about your v4000 charger and get something much better, like the Maha.
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Hello Barknee,

The problems you are having are related to the battery, not necessarily the charger.

NiMh batteries in storage will have issues during the first few charges. One of these issues is that the cell will heat up.

The best solution is to do what is called a standard charge. This involves a timed charged of 16 hours at a 0.1C charge rate. The 0.1C charge rate for 2400 mAh cells would be 240 mA. There is no peak detection used to terminate the charge. The charger is set for 240 mA and 16 hours later you pull the cell off the charger.

Cells, like the Titanium 2400, that have been in long term storage, often take several standard charge cycles, followed by a 5 hour discharge, to come up to normal operation.

The Titanium 2400 cells came out in 2004. That means that your cells could possibly have been in storage for 3 years. I don't think they are that old, but they are probably over 1.5 years old.

The Titanium V4000 does not charge cells individually, nor does it have adjustable charging rates. This puts you at a little disadvantage, but the situation is not hopeless.

You need to cycle the cells through discharge and charge and trickle charge cycles for several cycles. Set your charger to do a discharge, followed by a charge. Then leave the cells in for trickle charging. It can take several cycles, so be patient.

If you start on a Monday, you can start the discharge before you go to work, and the charge cycle should be underway when you get back. On Tuesday morning, unplug the charger and plug it back in for another cycle. By Saturday, your cells should be charging cooler, but you may need to do another week of conditioning.

If you want to check out your charger, borrow a couple of 2700 mAh cells from a friend. They have not been out long enough to suffer from storage issues.

The Titanium 2400 mAh cells have been very strong performers, but I have always considered them "raw" cells. I have noticed that it usually takes 20 - 50 cycles before they are "broken in" and giving their best performance. I have "recovered" some older Titanium 2400 mAh cells with very good success, but that was about a year ago.

Please understand that there are no promises, but this is the best course I can give you. Good luck.

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