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I've had my Kodak Z712 for about a week now. I ordered a cheap CRV3 charger + 2 batteries off ebay for $17. They actually work pretty well. My first set (charged already) lasted over 100 pics (with a lot of framing w/ LCD). I'm on my second charge and will get a better idea of how long each of these Rechargeable CRV3's last. I'm guessing probably around the same as KLIC-8000 since they're both li-ion and same dimensions.
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Not sure that I saw this discussed but it is related to battery life. I recently purchased Z812. No info was provided for power requirements so I wrote Kodak and they responded. This info might help others understand why their batteries don't function well or at all with these cameras. Kodak indicated that the Z812 needs 2.5 amps (peak consumption I assume) to function. In my case, I had a previous bought ac adapter that provide 2100ma and the camera wouldn't turn on (another kodak dx7630 does fine) Their response probably explains the reason and also probably explains why others are finding that their "rechargeables" may not be lasting as long as they wish and in some case may not function at all.

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