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Is it it a good idea to buy lots of packets of NiMh batteries on special for my digital camera? A local department store is selling them for a crazy 60% discount which works out to $6 for a 4 pack of AAs 2100 Mah.
I want to buy lots because they are cheap and stock up for the future but unfortunately i do not require them yet as i already have 2 good sets i use in my camera.
Do brand new rechargeable batteries go 'off' or can you keep them stored in the packaging for several years?
If so, what is the general lifespan(pre-usage)?
thanks guys.
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Hello Jmp,

NiMh cells are supposed to have a shelf life of around 5 years.

The problem is that they tend to self discharge to very low levels after 1 year. A NiMh cell that is allowed to self discharge to a low voltage will loose capacity and performance.

The general recommendation is to purchase cells for immediate use, and use them until they are worn out. Then you can think of replacing them.

To keep cells vibrant in storage requires some work on your part. The best performance comes from storing the cells in a discharged condition, and doing a charge/discharge cycle every 30 days.

If you can handle less vibrant cells, you can do a charge/discharge cycle every 90 days.

If you don't mind your cells going to sleep on you, put the charge/discharge cycle off to 180 days. However, expect a loss in capacity.

Another method is to do a charge/discharge cycle, the put them back in the charger for about 15 minutes. Pull them from the charger, let them cool off, put them in a zip loc bag and store them in the refrigerator.

The question comes down to weather the price savings is worth the additional work and storage costs.

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The best way is to charge them up about half way and store them in the refridgerator in a plastic bag, Then when you need them charge them for use.

Read this it tells allot about increasing the life of your batteries.

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