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Default NB-1LH: Canon vs. third party?

I recently obtained Canon Powershot S400 and wish to purchase a second battery. Which is best? Canon or other third party? What is the difference (besides price!!)? Is the quality of third party batteries good-any particular one? Suggestions please.
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This is something i too wanted to know, and asked at another forum. But i never got a solid answer as to which ones were good. I was told some people had bought aftermarket batteries and had good luck, but some had them die after a couple months, and some even said that the worse ones can leak and ruin your camera ! There is one place that has them for 9 bucks and they are 950 mah !! But that price scares me.

So the problem i found in trying to determine what to get is that there doesn't seem to be a trend...no perticular aftermarket battery has been shown to be good by a number of people. And when someone says a perticular one was good for them, someone else chimes in and says his dies after a few weeks or months. So i guess ya just gotta buy one and take your chances.
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We sell aftermarket batteries, I may be partial but they are all manufactured by similar companies, its just the name your paying for mostly. We sell hundreds of the NB-1L batteries for $9.99 each and $6.00 shipping. They have been great for us and hardly ever do we get any back and have never heard of any equipment getting damaged by aftermarket batteries.
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