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NOTE: The post title should have been displayed as a question, and is also intended for the Powershot S3 and S5 cameras.

I bought a 4-pack of the Energizer E2 lithium AA batteries for only back-up use for my Canon A95. However, I wanted to make sure if it was okay to use these instead of the common Energizer/Duracell alkalines for back-up purposes.

My sons own Powershot S3 and Powershot S5 caemras, so the same question is posed for those as well.

I went to the Canon website and found a support page for all these cameras. There was a direct statement to not use lithium batteries for these cameras due to overheating problems. I find it hard to understand how these batteries could be any kind of a problem. The Energizer packaging seems to be completely normal---"digital cameras, CD players, handheld games, two-way radios, and photo equipment" are printed on the package.

Are there any A95/S3/S5 users, pro photographers, Canon employees, technicians, etc., who could give me a realistic evaluation on this issue? Thanks much!!
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coasteray wrote:
...Canon website...direct statement to not use lithium batteries for this camera due to overheating ....overheating the batteries or the camera. I find it hard to understand how these batteries could be any kind of a problem. Are there any A95 users, pro photographers, .....etc.,realistic evaluation on this issue?
Having been confused by battery issues myself lately, but knowing a bit about it, I just looked at the main 'Steve digicam's' review of the A95 and found....

"....The A95 can be powered by four standard AA-type batteries, alkaline, NiMH (nickel metal hydride), or lithium cells. (Alan T's emphasis). Canon claims with AA Alkaline batteries you can capture approx. 140 shots (LCD on), 500 shots (LCD off), and 280 minutes of continuous playback time. With NiMH cells Canon clams approx. 500 shots (LCD on), 1000 shots (LCD off), and 360 minutes of continuous playback time. Check out our NiMH rechargeable battery page for more info on NiMH battery types."

The image there shows a compartment that may, apparently, possibly, take two CR-V3 disposable lithium batteries, or two 'rechargeable CR-V3' Li-ion batteries. Both my specimens of 'rechargeable CR-V3 have a terminal voltage when freshly charged of over 3.8V, (1.9V per cell) which is much more thanthe pair of alkaline disposable or Ni-MH rechargeables that would fit in the same hole. I don't know what the initial cell voltage of disposable individual AA-sized lithium batteries is; I've never used them. I must stress that this information is purely from looking at the review & pictures; I don't know this.

So there is a potential 'overvoltage applied to the camera' issue, if my suppositions above are correct, and if the camera has no protection against it, via electronics or shape of battery compartment.

One of the things I have been told about 'rechargeable CR-V3' batteries is that at least some have a voltage reducer (simple resistor, perhaps?) to avoid overvoltage issues with cameras that will take pairs of ordinary AA cells. I don't know if this true, but I do have some evidence fom measurements on my own batteries that it may be.

I hope someone who really knows will respond. There's not a lot of traffic here lately, surprisingly, which shows how good battery technology is in general. Meantime, if I were you I'd be very cautious.

Good luck, Alan T
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Alan, thanks for such a quick reply. The voltage of the lithium AA's is 1.5 volts. The NiMH AA's are 1.2 volts. Maybe that's where the answer is, but I don't know.

I'll take a look at Steve's Digicams's A95 page. I didn't even think about that earlier.

Yes, about the CR-V3 disposable lithium pack and the CR-V3 Li-ion individual batteries, I would be afraid to touch those. That voltage of 1.9 is scary. I'm not sure if my battery compartment would physically accept the bundled CR-V3 lithium pack, anyway. At any rate, even the 1.5 volt rating for single AA lithiums may be of concern.

Again, thanks for answering!
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I run Powerex 2700 NiMHcells in my Canon Powershot cameras. Using the Maha C9000 charger, I've been getting charge capacities between 2700 and 2800 mAh. These cells work excellent in my cams, I highly recommend both the cells and the charger. I use Sanyo eneloop cells for backup.

The self discharge rate on the Powerex cells is very low, making them even better for cams that are shelved for periods of time between uses.
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