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The battery charger for the Nikon D80 is multivoltage (110-240V). However, the cord that connects to the charger is 125V. I am going to be in a country that has 240V electricity. Will this pose a problem? In other words, will anything happen to my equipment.? FYI, this is the charger and cord that came packaged with the camera. Incidentally, this voltage inconsistency between charger and cord is not only for the Nikon charger, but for my Epson and Konica-Minolta chargers, too. I find this strange. People with cameras do travel!!!

I'm very confused about all this and hope someone can help me out.
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Many of todays chargers and "wall warts" are multi-voltage. If it says 110-240, all you will need is a plug adapter to fit the plugs in the country you are traveling in. You can buy a multi plug adapter kit at Radio Shack. I have even seen them in some WalMarts. You will not burn out anything. Even in the back country of China and the Middle East (been there done that).

On edit ... the one from RadioShack includes a generally not needed today transformer/converter and costs a bit more. All you need is the plug adapters such as those seen here: http://www.goodmans.net/item.asp?n=C...50&sc=FRGLand is similar to one I got last year at WalMart. Plugs only, covers most all regions of the world. Just make sure your device/charger says 110-240V (some say 90-250, which is also fine)
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