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Anyone aware of an external battery pack that will work with Canon Powershot S80? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Funny. I once had an S50. Sold it because of it's LiIon battery and bought and A95 instead with NiMH which could stay on all day on one charge. Regretted it a bit since then since the A95 doesn't have all the features of S50 but the most used ones are there. S50 was a bit hard on the small NB-2L(H) and there wasn't any cheap replacement batteries available then (in my country at least) -- third parties was >1/2 price of the original.

Now I've bought a G9 instead of the A650 because of the features - A650 is sadly trimmed down a lot since the A640 which a friend of mine has although jpeg image quality are compareable. Well knowing that the battery issue might be sort of the same.

For prolonged used I've though of somthing similar. You can buy a Canon mains adaptor for it but it's a bit expensive and getting around the 7.4 v is really easy. It doesn't need to be sharp on and 6 NiMH cells you get around 3 times as much energi as one NB-2L(H).
My only question is. Has someone tried to make an adaptor out of the dirt cheap LiIons on ebay? Is the canon adaptor any different from a battery - that is does the camera "know" it's an adaptor and not an ordinary battery that's powering it? (Something with the temp-terminal on the battery used to detect this perhaps?).
I would guess that maybe if the camera thinks it's operating on AC it may be powered well below 7.4 v since virtualle all electronics today contains switchmode voltage stabilisers when powered from battery and only shuts down nicely to protect the LiIon battery from becomming "undercharged" and thereby unuseable.

Please keep warranty issues out. I know how to handle a soldering iron - just want asking if someone has done something similar not to start from scratch

Or, as the original poster probably wants. If a third party external battery pack/adaptor exists that's very interesting as well
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