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Photo 5 wrote:
...I ended up with impact 2900mha cells from bhphotoviudeo.com

Let us know what capacity the Impact batteries test to on a MH-C9000 or a BC900 if you have one, and how many shots you get from a set in your flash.



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Buy some decent Sanyo, Panasonic or other respectable manufacturer 2700 mAh from a respectable source. Don't look at the labeled capacity alone as SilverFoxCPF points out. There's so much cheating involved that you don't get it. Ofte these too good to be true capacities are only available as ubscure brands. However they don't hold that capacity not even when new and they degrade very quick.
The bottomline stick to 2700 from a respectable manufactorer they are the closest to deliver that they promisses, they degrades much slower and are more equal from start. As said it is a good idea to label them in sets.
And remember that the number is not a magic number. In the ideal world a 2900 mAh battery will only have 7.4 % more than a 2700 mAh one. Not a great difference. And that only if they're rated equally. The higher rated ones are often rated at lower discharges. That's why it's pretty easily to find 1800 mAh ones that deliver in reallity what promissed while most 2700 mAh will have quite a hard time living up to their label.

If you tend to have your batteries lying unused for more than a cupple of weeks and want to use them without having to top them off then the 2. gen NiMH (aka Hybrid, eneloop, infinium and so on) are just right. Don't let the typical 2000 mAh fool you. Ordinary NiMH have quite a high self discharge and lying a month or so they have 2000 or even less available.
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Photo 5 wrote:
Thats an interestingrecommendation because several peoprle who are pro photographers in my area told me anything but that brand. One guy claims ater 6 months of heavy use they don't recharge. Anyway I have never used them myself so I can say if they are correct or not but 5 of thr 10 people I asked said not to use that brand.

I ended up with impact 2900mha cells from bhphotoviudeo.com

I've had my Powerex 2700 mAh cells for 15 mo. now. I ran them through a break-in cycle on the C9000 and they're all showing capacities between 2700 and 2800 mAh. Additionally, I charged them up as a spare set 4 weeks ago and haven't used them. Put them in the charger this morning and they were charged up in 3 minutes.

I believe I read of some issues with the Powerex 2500 mAh cells (my 2500 Powerex cells have been great), but these 2700s are very strong cells. Both of my sets are showing the consistent capacities listed above and very low self-discharge rates for a cell of this capacity.
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I concur with coppertrail. A year ago I got a set of Powerex 2700 AAs and a MAHA C401FS charger from Thomas Distributing. On several weekend trips taking over 300 shots and reviewing the photos a few timeswith the camera, the batteries have always lasted the trip.
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