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For some reason when i charge my eneloops, after several hours i check the status and they are all charging at around 200mah default setting. I unplug the charger for a few seconds, plug it back in and then for some reason one or two will say FULL. I dont understand this because it did not say FULL before i unplugged it. this has happened several times with eneloops now. any ideas?

second question. how exactly do i check how much mah a battery currently has been charged to? i tried display but it just says how long its been charging, how much mah has been charged and voltage. but it does not say exactly how full the battery is. maybe i am missing something somewhere.

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Hello Luisfc,

I believe you can push the display button to cycle through several screens of information including mAh and voltage.

Sanyo recommends charging at 0.5 - 1.0C for the Eneloop cells when using a charger that determines the end of charge using negative delta voltage readings like the LaCrosse does. With the AA cells that works out to charging in the range of 1.0 - 2.0 amps. You can charge at lower rates, but you run the risk of the charger missing the end of charge termination signal. This will result in overcharging the cell.

When you pull the cells from the charger, they may have been completely charged, but the charger may not have seen the end of charge signal, so it continued to charge. When cells are first put in, there is a voltage check done and if the cell is at a higher voltage, the charger signals done.

Determining the amount of charge put into a cell is a wild guess at best. The real number that we are interested in is the discharge capacity. You can get a rough idea by multiplying the charge rate by the time spent charging, but this does not take into account the various charge efficiencies when charging at various rates.

For example, ignoring losses and assuming a perfect charge acceptance, if you charge at 200 mA for 10 hours you would end up charging 2000 mAh into the cell.

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