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I have the Fuji F40d and sadly I lost the battery charger for it. I was going to buy a new charger off of ebay but I notice that the charger that was listed on ebay is also the same charger as my wife's camera, the Panasonic FX01. So I grabbed the charger from her camera and it fitted perfect and the three contact area match up perfectly.


I check ebay for the Panasonic FX01 battery replacements, and the Fuji F40d is on the list.

My only question is will it charge safely?

On the link above, the specs for the ebay charger that will work for my Fuji is:

  • Model: Fits Fuji-NP70 (BC-70) [/*]
  • Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz [/*]
  • Output: 4.2V 600mAh[/*]
On the back of the chager on my wife's Panasonic charger is:
-input :110v-240v
~50/60Hz .02A
-output: 4.2v 0.8A

On the battery of MY FUJI F40 the specs is this
-3.6v 1150mAh
On the battery of the Panasonic FX01 the specs is this
-3.7v 1150mAh

So just by looking at the specs, should it charge with no problem?

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Hello Superakuma,

It should work fine.

One thing to be cautious of is leaving the battery on the charger for an extended period of time. Li-Ion batteries should not be charged above 4.20 volts. Some chargers do not shut off, but continue to trickle charge. This drives the voltage higher to somewhere around 4.30 volts. This will result in lower cycle life.

The best way is to pull the battery off the charger as soon as the charger indicates that the battery is fully charged (green light).

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Thanks for the reply. I end up using the charger anyways and it all worked fine. I didn't leave it in there for that long. My fuji battery was drained and I chaged it for about 30 minute on the Panasonic charger and it worked fine. I will remember not to leave it on overnight.

Thanks again
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