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Canon A570IS.. leaving batteries (NiMH 2500 mAh) in camera, manual says "not using for long period of time to take them out".

what exactly is a long period of time.. 5 days? 2 weeks? 1 month?

any damage can be done to camera leaving them in?
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Ni-MH batteries lose their charge quite rapidly if left unused. I have several digicams that I use only occasionally for specific features they have, and my family use their cameras only when they're on vacation.

To avoid disappointment in these circumstances,I use'hybrid' Ni-MH batteries (various brands available, e.g., Uniross 'Hybrio'), which have a very low self-discharge rate. You can come back to the device months later, and it'll still remember its settings (e.g., date, user preferences), and be ready for action. You can use them as ordinary rechargeables. They're more expensive, and have lower Ah capacities, but are well worth it for seldom-used devices.

The camera manufacturers will be guarding themselves against claims for leakage, if ordinary alkaline cells are left long-term in a camera.
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Hello Pbosco,

Another thing to remember is that sometimes the camera will draw a little off of the battery to keep its internal clock current. This parasitic draw will drain the batteries.

In general, if you don't use the camera for around 30 days, you should pull the batteries and charge them back up.

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I use Ni Mh 2500mah batteries as a back up or when uploading the pics to my computer. It worked great for a while but i find now they draw pretty fast. and when i want to use the back up batteries they are empty and i charged them a few days earlier. They dont take long to charge but my camera tends to drain them to half charge pretty quick as well. Good backup as long as I have somewhere to charge them.

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The solution is to switch to the new Low Self-Discharge (LSD) cells, such as Sanyo Eneloop, Uniross Hybrio and others. Sanyos are iMO the best choice. Manufacturer claims, and it has been confirmed by testing that these AA cells retain about 80-85% of their charge over a period of 1 year. For comparisson, an ordinary AA NiMH cell will be flat in about 3 months, due to self-discharge.
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