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I have looked over the descriptions of batteries and chargers and I am still a little unsure which to buy.

It seems the Sanyo eneloops appear to be the best batteries since they hold the charge for a lot longer? Would these be the recommendation?

As far as chargers, the old reviews recommended chargers in the $25 range, but the newer reviews list chargers for twice that or more. Can anyone recommend the best charger for the eneloop batteries (if those are indeed the best batteries)?

I am just a mom who likes to take photos of my kids and family as well as vacations. I am not a pro, but I'd like something that is good and reliable.

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Hello Hsgram,

The Eneloop cells are a very good. The Ray O Vac Hybrid cells are good, but not quite as good as the Eneloop cells. Both of these cells are the new low self discharge cells. You can leave them in your camera for extended periods of time and when you pick the camera up it will still be ready to go. If you go through less than 5 sets of batteries a year, these would be the way to go.

On the other hand, if you go through a set of batteries daily or weekly or even monthly, you may be better off with the Sanyo or Powerex 2700 mAh cells.

Keep in mind that your camera is only as good as the batteries used in it, and your batteries are only as good as your charger. I believe that skimping on a charger is false economy.

Right now the best consumer charger for AA and AAA cells is the Maha C-9000. It has a "Break-In" mode that allows you to properly "form" your cells and check their capacity. If you are interested in programing the charger, you can have a lot of fun checking out all your, and your friends, batteries. If you are not into any of this, just put the cell in the slot. The C-9000 will charge it up just like any other charger, without any further input from you.

When you wake up in the morning you can ask yourself

"To program, or not to program, that IS the question..." :-)

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I appreciate your advice!

Thanks and Merry Christmas,

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