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Default Rechargebale Batteries - External & HomeMade Battery Pac

Earlier this month I posted the topic:

"Are There Long Lasting BATTERY PACKS for E20???"

but it was deleted probably because i typed in
my email address incorrectly ...

My problem then was that with my E20 i wasnt getting
enough shots nor enough lasting power for my camera and
i was looking for alternative power other than AA 1800's

but i did see some answers from VOX and others
with some good advice ...

and here is how i resolved my problems:

VOX ... and everyone else

I followed your suggestions but in a round about way ...

I also have 2 inexpensive JTL Sync Strobes which are 110v each
powered only by AC ...

I went to Radio Shack, but decided that i would rather power the
strobes for times when i am shooting at a location away from any
AC power.

what i ended up with was a small 12v lead battery for $36, a 300
Watt Dual-Outlet Power Inverter (DC to AC) with 2 AC Plugs for
about $80, and a little battery tester for $15. Plus, I already had
a 12v charger for my motorcycle.

I might have bought the smaller and lighter 6v battery instead.
But they didnt have one and the 12v was pretty small anyway.
but the 12v is too heavy to attach to yourself.

I hooked everything up and tested the strobes, by triggering the flashes with my E20 still powered by AC. I shot off 300 flashes of both strobes in about 2 hours, and to my amazement found that the 12v battery still maintained a FULL charge.

I then plugged my E20 into the Inverter and clicked off a few shots
as well ... and they ALL worked together with proper exposures.

However, i figured it would be more prudent and safer for my
camera if i did use an external battery pack for it.

I was interested in the Dual-Force Pro NiMi power pack
for about $120 ... but unfortunately they seem to be no
longer available in the UK or in the US ...
also Eagle-Eye.co.uk appears to be down, because i would
not hesitate to buy a couple of them.

I contacted mahaenergy.com and ordered 2 Lithium Power Banks
(MH-DPB140LI) for $59 each, each capable of about 150+ shots. They are quick charging external battery packs, about the size of a pack of cigarettes you can attach to your belt. (You have to check for the exact model number depending on your make of camera)

I also purchased from them for $50 the 4 hour charger (C204f)
which comes with *8* 2200 batteries.

All of these systems, separately and/or together, give me long
enough power and shots, for the E20, even when left on for
more than an hour at a time, to cover almost any situation.

I think now i have the capability, versatility and backup i have been looking for, by only spending a few $$$ rather than thousands ...
or 100's on just one power source.

its probably a little more backup than i really need

thanx again for your suggestions

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