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Default My 2000mAH last for only 2 days taking 10 pictures in A70!

I cant believe this..! i'm not sure if it's my A70's fault or defective camera ... but my Sony 2000mAH batteries only lasts for about 2 days while taking a total of 10 pictures! Then the low battery icon flashes.

Ok, i'll tell you how i use my camera. I shoot everything in auto mode (assume flash in all shots), and i always use LCD display to shoot. These batteries are fully charged before usage.

Is this normal...? Can someone estimate how long these SHOULD last for considering how i use the camera?
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Default Read this, my experiencie

I wrote this last week:

Hi people, I'm new in this forum. I live at Spain & I've bought in Andorra an HP photosmart 935 (5,1 ef. Mpx camera) it takes very good photos, I can send to print photos with big size (16 x 22 cm.) and they look very well, great detail and impressive colours, it has a very good manual white balance. About this i'm very happy to have this camera, but.....

... I'm very dissapointed about life time of batteries. This camera uses 2 AA batteries, so I've tried lot of them without succes...
I've tried this batteries:
- Kodak alkaline photo 1,5 v (for digital cameras) / 6 o 7 photos max
- Energizer Photo lithium 1,5 v (the same, for d.c.) / 10-12 photos max
- Hitachi 1,2 v NiMh 600 mAh / 20 photos max
- HAMA 1,2 v NiMh 2200 mAh / 35-40 photos max

I've tried two battery chargers, an standard charger (charges 4 A,AA,AAA batteries and 2 9V) and a new one, a HAMA charger, specific for these 2200 mAh batteries.....

With all these batteries i can't take over 40 photos (with the most powerful hama 2200), without flash, with the LCD only enabled for rapid review and measuring white balance... the less as possible..

Before I bougth this camera, i read a lot of reviews, in this page & others. For example, in www.dpreview.com. itís said that HP 935 is a camera with long life time of batteries, tried with NiMh 1600 mAh only and with LCD always On, more than 300 photos... i canít understand what happens with my camera, so Iíve phoned HP Technical Service in Spain and they have said me that i can order a new camera, i can try for at least both cameras (mine and the new) for compare.....

Now I have both cameras but I haven't tried them together, using the same features and taking the same photos; the new has a new firmware version (0.36V instead 0.30V) but it appears to be a big battery consumer... I think the camera was not broken and it wasn't failing... maybe its' very battery hungry, but I'm not already sure....

Anyone has got this camera? What do hp 935 users think about battery consumption? Can you help me? Is this normal?

Thank you all. Bye.


Well, I charged & discharged only two times more after try the last time taking photos, the last time I shot 35 photos at day light with LCD switch On but, two days after, I tried again the camera & I could shot 105 photos with a couple of 2200 mAh HAMA batteries, the same that only took 35 photos 2 days after!!!, I took all these photos in more than one hour, with the LCD ON, and when the LCD didn't work, I couldn't take more photos because my 256 Mb SD card was full

The day after, I tried the camera with the same two batteries, but I picked up my second 256 SD card. 512 total.. At sun light, flash wasn't needed, so I could take more than 200 photos, another time 2 256 SD card full!!!!

What happened?? I think batteries wasn't working correctly because they haven't reached their maximum power level. Maybe they worked correctly after charging-recharging 8 or 9 times...

My advice is that you'll need to discharge the batteries until they say "dead", with no power inside, nothing nothing, later you must charge them a lot of hours (16h for example I charge mine). Use a standard charger, they'll work better & longer in time if you don't use a rapid charger... Use only this (rapid) if you need to use the camera in 3 or 4 hours & you haven't recharged batteries, and I think it's good to discharge the batteries after doing five or ten recharging cycles.

I hope I had help you. Bye
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Default Amazing Battery Life

According to DPReview, the Canon A70 has amazing battery life. I don't think they meant ten pictures although that is amazing. My Olympus gets around 300 photos on four batteries. I would contact Canon and ask their opinion.
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massimo_ac: you are correct, NiMH batteries usually start working well after 2-5 cycles
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You will find that all NEW rechargeable NiMH batteries need to be cycled at least 3 times before they take a full charge. Some chargers are worse about this than others. I highly recommend chargers that have separate circuits for each battery, this insures that each cell gets what it needs. Many chargers work only on pairs of batteries and if one has more charge than the other the weak cell doesn't get what it really needs.

Same thing with cameras, they either work with a pair or with four batteries and all it takes is for one of those cells to go low and it brings them all down to the point of getting a low battery alert or shutdown.

I use the Maha C-401FS charger to be sure that all of my cells get the charge that they need:


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I have the same camera.

I bought two sets of cheap charger and 4 NIMH batteries
Here are their image links
The first you can find in staples or office max, the second I picked up in compuse. Both sell for around 30$ and seperate batteries are about 9-12$.

The chargers are the same.

I was able to take over 350 pictures with LCD and FLASH with each set, on the first charge, btw.

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Most of us by now will have a mixed bag of NiMh batteries bought at different times, different brands and capacities. The other day I re-charged batts of the same type in brand pairs. When checked with a digital meter, off load, I was surprised how much variation there was in open circuit terminal voltage (1.31 to 1.48 volts).

Batteries from the same manufacturer gave consistent values and rated capacity didn't seem to be related to the results. After 2 or 3 re-charges I could get most of the batts up to the higher figure and they were warm coming off the charger. The one or two that didn't make it, I've kept aside for more tests.

So it might be worth checking out your batts to see if you get similar variations. I haven't done the timed discharge tests yet to see what the actual variation in capacity is. VOX
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my 2100mAH rechargables on my Casio QV-R40 last so long its starting to frustrate me. I want to get them cycled a few times!

The first charge on them got about 90 pictures (50% flash all lcd, autofocus/zoom etc)

second charge 130 (all with flash, all lcd, autofocus/zoom etc)

third charge...still going but 211 so far (50% flash, all lcd, autofocus/zoom etc) - have managed to get down to 2/3rd battery left according to indicator.
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Default Depending

On your charger (like Steve said about the seperate charging circuits)...if you have several "sets" of batteries, it's a good idea to always charge them as "sets". I used to have 4 "sets" of 4 batteries each for my Dimage 7i & marked them with sharpies to indicate which batteries were in which "set" of 4. That way when I went to my battery pocket, I only pulled out batteries that were charged at the same time (and only charged batteries from the same "set" at the same time). I read an article on this on-line & it does seem to make a difference (wish I could find that link).

I also happened to find a 4 battery Rayovac charger with single battery circuits (at Target) for about $10.00-US. It will indicate each battery as full and I never pull the set out until the last battery is completed it's charge.
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Default Maximizing Your Batteries' Performance

Dear Kalypso and All,

I just posted a message including a section on how to maximize the performance of your rechargeable Ni-MH batteries similar to what you talking about in grouping batteries but gone further on how to do so. Here is the link to it.


I think it should be helpful to all Ni-MH users. Especially those who are having trouble with using Ni-MH batteries.

Any battery questions? Just ask Mr. Battery!
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