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Default Lead Acid Battries

I have an old Remington Light & Sound flashlight which uses a 6v 4Ah Lead Acid Rechargable battery that after 20 hours will not take a full charge and i figure it's bad. Was wondering if any new type of battery can replace the lead acid kind for this iteam.
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Default Re: Lead Acid Battries

Originally Posted by PhotoMenace
wondering if any new type of battery can replace the lead acid kind
Ni-MH is smaller and lighter, if you can make one fit your application. The last generation of camcorders, currently almost extinct, used nominally 6V power packs, and Ni-MH replaced Ni-Cd on those. You could also buy Lead-acids to fit camcorders at one stage. I owned batteries of all three sorts for my old camcorders. Ni-MH were an excellent high energy-density solution, provided you took care of them.

Ni-MH are tolerant of top-up charging, and of low rate trickle charging, but have a high self-discharge rate, i.e., they go flat if you leave them for long. They benefit from sophisticated chargers, which can detect full charge by temperature and/or voltage change at constant current.

Sealed lead-acids are wonderful for everything except weight and intolerance of deep discharge. They thrive on long-term constant-voltage self-regulating trickle charge, which is why no-one's thinking of replacing them in automobiles or caravans yet.

7.2V Li-ion batteries are used for all the current generation of camcorders, and some, but not all digital cameras. These have the great advantage for the manufacturer and retailer of being very expensive indeed, so far. The advantages over Ni-MH for the user are not so obvious, but I expect someone will point them out in the ensuing discussion.

Good luck!
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