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Hi Slipe. Could you be so kind as to tell me the exact model number of that Sanyo charger you got? I read it as that the Sanyo charger is as good as the Maha then? Is that the one that plugs directly into the wall? Thanks.

Originally Posted by slipe
My camera came with a Sanyo 4 battery charger and I bough a Maha when I ordered spare PowerX batteries from Thomas. Even if I let the Maha trickle for a few hours to top them off I really don’t see any appreciable difference between charging in the Sanyo and in the Maha. You don’t want to condition NiMH batteries too often and just using them completely in the camera occasionally keeps them working fine. Knowing what I know now I don’t think I would have bothered with the Maha upgrade.
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I own these Maha Powerex MH-C204F battery charger and 2x4 2200 mAh batteries and they are great!
I have a Olympus C-750 Uz and 4 batteries with this camera last a couple of days.
These are pretty cool ans the charger is fast and reliable.
Love it!
Andrea Oliveira
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In Europe there is the brand called GP from GOLD PEAK GROUP with their website in america being http://www.gpina.com/consumer/batterychargers/index.htm

I was wondering if tests have been carried out on their fast charger called POWERBANK SMART.

I just bought a charger branded GP in Belgium, called POWERBANK SMART 2. Only 60 minutes charging time for a 1800 NiMH AA cell.

Quite strangely, this POWERBANK SMART 2 does not appear on their website. What's wrong ?

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I just got A Nikon MB-E5700 battery pack for My 8700 and it holds six AA's so I went to Home Depot and they had A Ray-o-vac model PS3 that charges eight AA's or less at A time. It also does AAA'S and 9-volts and C's & D'S. It was $19.95 and it is the type that pulse charges and when the battery's are finished charging you can just leave a set in the charger because the charger will keep them ready for the next time you need them. It is not A fast charger but I have two sets of six batterys now and will probably get another set. I also have A Maha and A Radio Shack charger but they only do 4 batterys at a time.I have Radio Shack 1500 batterys that are about 3 years old and seem to still be very good. Of course I have nothing to compare them to so I'm guessing they are good.
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I have this charger and eight of the 2000mah and I love it. My S5000 takes almost EIGHT HOURS with the LCD on to discharge these babies. Now that I have a CoolPix 5700, with the MB-E5700 on it's way, I want to see how long they last in it. The charger can be had at Walmart for about $28 and four packs of the 2000mah AAs are $13 8)
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