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Default Battery setup for Nikon Coolpix?


For the Nikon Coolpix series that uses the EN-EL1 battery pack, is there a better option than buying another Nikon battery and keeping both charged?

I really don't want the bulk of a battery pack. On the Ritz camera site they sold a $29 battery for the Coolpix, but I am not sure about quality.

Is there a well known non-Nikon brand that lasts longer or am I better off with the more expensive Nikon branded stuff?
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I just registered to ask questions about my newly bought CoolPix 2100, so... well, hello

The first thing I did when I bought the camera before even getting home was to buy a pair of 2100 mah batteries.
The Nikon cells they give you seem to work, for suitably small values of "work".
I quickly found out they aren't very good cells. With the Nikon cells freshly charged, the camera works normally for a little while, then gives the low battery warning and starts switching off the screen while the flash is charging, which is the only thing I dislike about it. An option to deactivate this feature should be available. Anyway, with the Nikon cells it spends more time in low battery mode than in normal mode. Better than useless, sure, but it's not nice having to wait for the screen to reactivate every time.
With the cells I bought (and charged just fine in the Nikon charger), it stays far more time in normal mode, and correctly displays the warning only when the batteries have little life left.
So my advice is to buy cheaper and better ones and use the Nikons in something else that isn't so power hungry.

This goes to show that the warnings that can be counted to be in the instruction manual of countless gadgets ("use only (insert brand here) batteries/charger/power supply") are utter bollocks.
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Default EN-EL1 battery pack

I have an CP4300

I bought 2 extra Uniross 750 Mah Li-Ion batteries.
Nikon ones are between 680 - 700 Mah.
You can find the replacement batteries in several brands.
Higher Mah will last longer. I think the highest is 800 Mah.

Powerex, Sanyo, Uniross and lot more but my advice is buy a known brand one........and 7.4 Volt.

Good luck....................................
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You can buy the Nikon En-EL1 at this web site for $28, 7.4v 720mah

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