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hi all!!

i recently acquired some enloops for my ex 430 canon flash. in general, compared w/the the sony 2700s and the duracell 2650s, these enloops refreshed REALLY fast.

nothing against the sony nor duracel batteries, but either due to the technology in the enloops (or even their 'newness') i was able to flash away w/o any problems at a show in atlantic city this past weekend.

well i DO hope that say charging the enloops in the sony charger or the sony batteries in the duracell charger don't eff/mess up the cells.

ftw, i was able to get the enloops from ritz camera at tysons 2 mall...they were going out of business....as there was already a ritz camera at tysons 1 mall (across the street).

just my $.02 worth of comments.....
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Its been found that the eneloop cells, despite their lower capacity, work better under load than many of the higher capacity cells. I have a friend who said he noticed that his camera is more responsive with eneloop cells vs. Powerex 2700 mAh cells.

Sanyo mentions that one reason you may get more shots out of eneloop cells vs 2700 mAh cells is because they hold their voltage much better.
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