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for those of you that use niMH rechargeable batteries and chargers for your cameras and various electronic needs, while shopping for a batter charger and batteries for myself and my stepson, I happened across this guy's amazon reviews of battery chargers. apparently the dude is an engineer and really tests these things and knows what he's talking about.

after browsing through his various reviews I really did learn a lot about the technology and what features and products to look for.


I realize this kind of sounds spammy but honestly it's just a helpful link.
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Hello Apronk,

Interesting reviews and some good information.

One thing to keep in mind is that Eneloop cells are only carged to 70 - 75% at the factory. I wouldn't put too much weight on the capacity out of the package, but would pay close attention to capacity after a full charge, and the voltage of the cell under load.

We have found that the Eneloop cells hold a higher voltage under load, which means that your camera will work longer with them. The other low self discharge cells seem to have a slight advantage on capacity, but the Eneloop cells out perform them in actual use because of their higher voltage under load.

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The different varieties of LSD cell

NiMh Battery Shoot Out

AA and AAA NiMH low self-discharge tests

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