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Default Sanyo Charger NCMQR02 question

Hi. Does anybody know whether this charger is any good? Is it a "smart charger" that being recommended about? I have the Nikon 3100 and read that maybe the short lasting batteries problem is with the original Nikon charger supplied with it and not the camera itself. Thanks in advance.
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I have just purchased this charger, with the exception that that the model # ends with a U - NC-MQR02U, but I suspect this is the same charger - it is palm sized and plugs directly into a 120 volt outlet and can charge up to 4 AA at a time. Mine came as a package with 4AA Sanyo 2100mAh batteries for $30 Can. at Costco.

The info on the back of the card it was packaged in states:

Charges each battery individually
Dual speed charging ports. - Don't know what that means?
Smart Charger with micro computer Ver.2
Precision overvoltage protection
Charges by replacing only the power you used thus extending battery life

Contact Sanyo at www.sanyocanada.com

Hope this helps.

I haven't used it enough to verify its claims. Still trusting the print.
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I also have this charger from Sanyo, I found it to do the job admirably with out heating up the batteries beyond barely warm (105 dergrees F) during the charging cycle. I also have a Nexcell NC-20FC charger that charges in about the same time that heats the batteries to a higher temperature during charging ( 135 degrees F), I don't like to use it because of this. The Nexcell does have the capability to be plugged into a 12 volt cord which is handy on the road/outings. I also purchased an Energizer CH1HRCP charger, which is a one hour charger that accepts a 12 volt car cord. It has 4 seperate charging channels, and does not heat the batteries any higher than the Sanyo, has a lifetime warranty, as do their batteries. My reccomendation? Go with the Energizer....

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