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Default Olympus C-4000 batteries

Less than 3 wks. ago I 've bought C-4000 which came with two CR-V3 batteries. My guess is that I took close to 300 pix and now I get low battery alarm and camera will not take pix ( I still can view them and load them to my PC). Here are sevral questions :
1. What is terminal voltage of a new CR-V3 and what is the minimum required by the camera ?
2. Owners manual tells me that I can use 4 AA batteries NiMH, NiCd or even alkaline . I did try to insert 4 NiCd 1.2 V fully charged batteries, and camera still did not work. Any ideas why ?

I'll be greatful for any tips,

Thank you,

Austin, TX.
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The CR-V3s are an expensive option. Digicams don't work with NiCads and ordinary alkalines have a life of about 10 minutes.

The only practical option is to invest in a couple of sets of NiMH cells and a decent charger. Get the highest capacity cells you can - currently they go up to about 2200MaH and you probably shouldn't buy anything below 1600MaH.

A good charger will charge a set of batteries in 1-3 hours and it's worth investing in one that monitors each of the 4 cells independently (cheap chargers tend to stop charging when the first cell is fully charged, leaving the other cells only partially recharged).

The best brand depends on availability in your part of the world. I use an Ansmann charger, which has performed very well but there are many other acceptable models. Price also depends on location. Here in the UK, a set of 4 NiMh cells typically cost around 6GBP.

You should find that one set of fully charged cells will do a day's shooting - up to a couple of hundred shots on a C4000Z in normal use. Always charge your batteries the evening before - NiMH cells lose charge slowly when unused and will be well below peak if they've been in a drawer for a couple of weeks.
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Thank you for your response. I did buy some 2300 mAh NiMH and a
good charger (even with a adapter to use in the car ).
Didn't take much pix with them yet, but hoping to get good life out of them.

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