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Default Little Angels

I am pondering which digital camera to buy as we are casual users eg. birthdays, holidays etc. I like the sound of the Sony p10 or Konica 500z etc. These cameras seem to have prop. batteries. I am slightly confused about this.

Does this mean that they will definitely only take their own make of battery, or, for example, if they take Lithium ion rechargables will they take any type?

In addition, will I have a problem if suddenly we get visitors with their new baby and we want to take a picture of the little angel? Will my batteries still remain as charged as when I left them last Christmas, when we took pictures of the little angels in the church nativity play! If not could I keep as spare battery in the drawer, awaiting such eventualities, and will it stay charged up?

Help please.

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I can answer some of your questions.

One of the battery technologies will keep a charge for a long time, but most won't. I believe that Lithium Ion willl last, the others won't. Nikle Metal Hydride will not last, they will loose a good portion or their charge within a day.

Most propritery batteries have a special shape, so you can't use "normal" batteries in them.

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Default Battery Issue

Dear Bertie,

eric s is right about the Li-ion's low self-discharge rate over Ni-MH.

Both of the camera you mentioned uses proprietary Li-ion batteries.

Sounds like you don't anticipate a lot of use for your camera. No rechargeable batteries will hold their charges for one year. Even with Li-ion batteries' significantly low self-discharge rate over the Ni-MH, they eventually will loss all their charges after about 6 months. Further more, rechargeable batteries will need to be recharged at least about every 6 months (3 months is ideal) if put in storage. If not, they will completely die and cannot be recharged.

If you anticipate to use your camera to be only once a year and expect to have power remain in the battery without recharging it before use, you might want to consider other cameras that can use AA format batteries. This way, you can use Alkaline, Lithium, or even CR-V3s. These disposable batteries usually have a shelf life of any where from 5 ~ 10 years. One thing though, disposable batteries will create more landfill, therefore a lot less environmentally friendly.

If you still want to get one of the two cameras you mentioned, one easy way to get around the battery problem is to take picture more often. At least once every 3 months. (Don't expect to have too much charge left though.)
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