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Default Canon batteries BP-511 and equivalents

The instructions that come packed with the supplied battery BP-511 with Canon SLR's warns against storage of the battery for long periods when the battery is fully charged and goes so far as to advise to plan use so the battery will be fully discharged when you are ready to put it away.

Perhaps overzealously, I bought two spare (Sterling Tek) batteries. At the slow rate of depletion I am seeing, I plan to put one away uncharged and rotate the other two weekly, even if that means the battery in use is 3/4 full when it leaves service. Does anyone know the life expectancy of a new, never charged Li Ion rechargeable and if this is a better idea than charging the three and rotating all? I would plan to charge the third before a time of heavy use (vacation) but doubt I will be wearing out more than one battery a week with day to day use. How are others rotating these batteries?

Does anyone know a cheap device that would serve to depleat a 511 before long term storage (other than the camera - I know someone will say the 300D is a cheap device)? A flashlight would be nice.
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They make chargers that will also discharge the battery. I don't know of a maker at the moment, but I do recall seeing one for the BP-511.

The other solution is take more pictures
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All rechargable Lithium (Li-Ion) cells like to be stored about 3/4 full.
You can store then full, it just shortens their life alittle.
If its just a couple weeks of storage dont worry about it, but if its going to be a few months, then 3/4 charge is a good idea.

Unlike other batteries like nimh, a Li-Ions charge is directly related to its voltage reading.
This makes it easy to see just how charged it is.

For example, a single cell Li-Ion (3.7V rating) (about 4.15V hot off charge) should be stored at about 3.2 to 3.4V

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...... and i just realized I replied to a 3 year old thread... :?
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