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Default Batteries for Panasonic FZ10

Have been unable to find ANY back up batteries for my new camera on the Web!!!!! Not from Panasonic ( :x :x ) and not from Ritz (where I purchased the camera). Where can I go?
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Default Batteries and memory cards for FZ10

Eagle Imports is a reliable supplier of 3rd party batteries for the FZ10. The batteries show up as FZ1-compatible batteries, which is what the FZ10 also uses.
On eBay, they sell the battery for $20 + $4 S&H. I bought 2 batteries and a 12/120v charger, and got a slight break on the shipping charges. There was a lnk to the charger at the bottom of the battery page. I alternate between the Panasonic battery and the clone, and both seem to last about the same number of pictures (200-250), and both fit both the Panasonic and clone chargers.
This eBay link is current as of 12/25/03, but of course won't be useful if you're reading this months later:
This link is to their eBay store:
where I notice that they sell a $50 "kit" containing both a battery ($20) and a charger ($25) if bought separately.
And here's their Yahoo store:

Regarding SD cards:
Some are MUCH faster than others. The fast ones are 256MB and larger, and the "sweet spot" for pricing right now (end of 2003) is 256MB.
The speed difference doesn't show up when taking single frames, but does show up when shooting bursts: the fast ones store a 5-frame burst in just over 2 seconds (after the burst); the medium-speed ones need 6 seconds after the burst, and the slow ones apparently need 11 seconds after the burst. The speed difference really shows up when transferring the images to the computer using a USB 2.0 reader and interface (6.5MB/sec versus 1.5MB/sec). I'm using a SanDisk 8-in-1 USB2.0 reader and would NOT recommend it to anyone: it is unreliable.
Among the 256MB cards, the Panasonic is fast, the SanDisk Ultra II is fast (but mine stopped working and is being replaced by SanDisk... do you notice a pattern here?), and the regular SanDisk is slowwww. Other people have said the SimpleTech and Lexar are fast, but I have no direct experience with them.
Amazon sometimes has the Panasonic for $75 (free S&H, but when they don't have it at that price, their 3rd party vendors want double, which is a rip-off); J&R (www.jandr.com) often has the Panasonic for $80 (S&H probably a little extra; they get good comments from people who post in these forums); and Amazon has had the SimpleTech for $80-100., depending on specials and rebates.
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