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Default Uniross Batteries and Chargers

I have only recently got a digital camera and now I need a battery charger and batteries to go with it. Has anybody used either the Uniross ultra fast charger or the Uniross ultra sprint charger? I am considering both of these. The ultra fast charger charges 2100mah batteries in 1-2 hours and comes with 4 2100mah batts. The ultra sprint charger charges 2300mah batteries in 1-2 hours and comes with 4 2300mah batts but is 5 more expensive. Is there any noticable differance between 2100mah and 2300mah? Thanks for any info.
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Default Mmmmmm.....

I don't think there is a big difference but it's always better to have the higher "Mah" ones. They will last longer for sure...

If 5 Pounds is not much for you go for the 2300Mah and the ultra sprint charger.

May be you will gain 10 or 20 minutes more I don't realy know but sometimes when you want to catch a moment and shoot I think it will worth the 5 pounds more you spend.

For my CP 4300 I bought Uniross 750Mah Li-Ion battery and it definatelly has a longer life than the original Nikon 680Mah ones.

I wish my post was helpful for you. Good luck....
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These Uniross fast chargers are pretty good. I've measured the Ultra Fast charger's output current etc. and it is definitely smart, runs cool as do the batteries.

When the charge is finished it trickles with an infrequent high current pulse to keep the batteries topped up, and from what I've read this is the optimum way to do this with NiMH's rather than a steady low current trickle as this can promote crystal formation and reduce life expectancy. It also knows when batteries that are already fully charged have been reinserted and turns off completely after a few minutes with no trickle charge.

Also tried old 1300maH batteries that used to get red hot with a cheap 5hr timed charger and they stay cool as well despite charging up quick.
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