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Default how to determine battery charge ?

I have a canon a70 and I am using a lenmar pro99 charger with AA size nimh batteries.

Unfortunately neither the camera nor the charger indictate how full the batteries. So if I have been using the batteries for a while and want to to "top them up" I cant tell how many hours to tell leave in the charger (the charger is not intelligent to detect fully charged batteries)

The end result is that I have to fully drain the batteries and place in the charger for the full charge time (8 hours)..very inconvenient.

Does anybody know of a technique for determining how full nimh batteries are ? I have been trying to use a multi metter but I find the results ambigious..any ideas would be appreciated
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Default Mmmmmmmmm...........

Dear friend,

I think you need a intelligent charger like Maha MH 401 FS.

If you want to top your batteries your charger must be able to do the trickle charge. 8)

I have the MH 401 FS and I bought a Battery tester and my batteries are filled up to %98. :lol:

It takes 100 minutes and leave them in the charger for trickle charge about 30-60 minutes more. 8)

Time to time I'm using the 5 hours Gentle Charge. :roll:

I don't think there is another way....sorry....
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Hardly any electronic gizmo or circuit will tell you accurately how much is left in a battery without discharging and measuring it! But they can tell you when a battery is fully charged, so go the intelligent charger route. And since even your camera won't be that accurate - always carry a fully charged set of batts - preferably the one's you just took off the intelligent trickle charge! VOX
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