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Mango Aug 12, 2002 11:50 AM

MobyPower battery pack
OK, having migrated from Canon G2
my MAJOR disappointment over 5700 is of lowww battery life .
sort of reminded me of the beginning days of digital cameras -_-

1st I thought of buying more batteries
- best choice per carrying space yet .
(any /serious/ 5700 user should be carrying at least 3 !!!)
the dedicated battery pack which doubles as handgrip
was out of the question
since I got my last camera stolen on a trip
and this would look like any "F" series from afar .

I thought of getting "Maha PowerBank"
after seeing your review here .
but decided to get MobyPower which attaches via tripod hole
because it it more accessible here in Korea .
this brand is increasing popular among young afionados here 8)

it is made by MobyPower for & sold by Samsung here :
however in the States it is sold in its own brand name @

3 dif.models are available depending on outputs : 3, 5, 6 Volts
(somehow the 6V one is listed AND works on 5700 .. see the thread)
and included is an extensif list of compatible cameras .

sorry, I didn't have a chance to drain the battery yet,
but I've heard other users over 5 hours with flash !
will keep U imformed ~

the best part is :
I was able to get it at aprox.US$40 at one of the wholesale stores,
which is almost 40% off local retail price ! ($55.- online)
but I have to admit, with a bit of legwork .

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