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Default Nikon D100 Batteries

There are so many batteries to choose from on Ebay for the D100. Can anyone give me advice on using a 3rd party battery for the Nikon.
There are several on Ebay for around 17.99. Here is a link to one.

Thanks for all the help.
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This is just my opinion, You have spent $1400-$2000 on your camera and now you want to use a generic brand battery. I am not an electrical engieneer but was told by one that some cheaper made batterys are prone to problems because of the cheaper materiels they use not just from failure but DAMAGE to what ever you use them in. So as far as I can see you are taking a chance with a generic battery. And even if you had no problems the Nikon Battery is a long long lasting battery, What if the generic only lasts half as long at half the price you have the same thing. Remember This is only My opinion. Good Luck
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You might also want to read the warning from Nikon about some of the generic lithium batteries being sold out there:


As good as the battery life is in the D100, I wouldn't use anything but an official battery myself. Also remember that there is the potential of damaging the charger too if the battery's internal charging and safety circuits aren't right.

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