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Default iPowerUS 2100 batteries - killing rechargers?

I owned 3 NiMH battery rechargers so far. The first two were from EBAy.ca.
The first one, a smart/ compact/ rapid/ dual-voltage charger made by Vanson (China) - silver colored, stopped functioning after 1 month. I called the EBay seller, and she sent me a replacement right away, no questions asked. The second Vanson died after 3 months.
Then, I decided to buy the best I could find in a store in Canada. So I bought a Lenmar Mach 1 Supercharger with a nifty cooling fan, dual voltage and car adapter, and a set of 4 Lenmar 2000 batteries - CAD$90. The Lenmar charger lasted 5 months until one of the 4 circuits stopped working. I could charge only 3 batteries at a time.

Now, Lenmar has a 3 year warranty, so I mailed the defective charger to Lenmar - CAD$ 7 for shipping, and US$16.50 for return postage. I'm waiting to get the Lenmar replacement in about a month.

Needless to say, I find these rechargers very unreliable. I didn't drop them, didn't expose them to heat, cold, anything. Just regular useage. I have 2 sets of GP 1800 (green), 1 set of Lenmar 2000 (blue), and 2 sets of iPowerUS 2100 batteries (yellow).

Somewhere I seem to remember having read that the iPowerUS might be the culprit.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem with the iPowerUS 2100 batteries?

I'd like to hear from you, so I should stop using them, or else, try to find a suitable recharger.
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You may want to check this charger out (available @ Target and Walmart): http://www.rayovac.com/products/recharge/chargers.shtml

It can put out a lot of current needed for my yellow/red iPowerUS 2100mAh... and only requires 1hr for a full charge!
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NHL, thanks for the tip. I'll be looking at the Rayovac for a back-up charger.
Today I received from Lenmar a brand-new recharger (replacement for the one I sent for repair) and to my surprise it came with a set of 4 of the new AA 2300 mAH batteries!
I'm impressed. Great service!
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Just to add a vote for the Rayovac

I bought one when we were over on holiday in Dec 2002 and have used it almost every day (3 kids = lots of batteries!) on Panasonic 2000mAh and GP 1850mAh cells. No problems with the charger or any of the batteries.
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