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Default Lithium vs. Rechargable and . . .

if rechargable, which recharger.

I tried posting this yesterday but I guess that I clicked the wrong button because it never appeared.

I'm not a big photographer but I've recently acquired a digital camera because I got tired of scanning pictures to send to people.

Now the question comes to batteries. How long do lithium batteries last? If you are only going to use the camera periodicially, do they make more sense than rechargable?

How long do NiMH batteries hold their charge and how long can you leave them in the charger waiting to be used?

Long, long time ago I worked in a lab that developed nifty rechargable batteries and VERY, expensive high tech chargers. If my memory is working right, the word at that time was that slow charging is better because smaller grains of metal are deposited which allows more power to be sucked out of the battery. Is this still the case?

In the world of rechargers I've seen 1 hour, 1/2 hour and even a 15 minute recharger. I've even seen a two hour recharger that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter which makes it very attractive.

Thanks for your help.
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Default Two cents worth

I use NiMH batteries and a Maha 401 recharger. I never fast charge simply because I don't need to. I prefer having a couple of extra sets of batteries ready to go. If I shot 900 pictures a day it would be a problem but I don't so it isn't. There are a lot of sites with technical information on batteries but from what I've read the less heat generated the better and slow charging generates less heat or at least allows it to dissipate.
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See my NiMH Rechargeable battery page for info and prices:


I still recommend that you keep a set of non-rechargeable lithium AA cells as a safety. They last a long time when just sitting.

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Steve is spot on as always.

When you start putting in user settings or building profiles it's a pain having to put the camera user data back in - even just setting the date and time. The long life non-rechargeable kept in the camera, and large NiMh kept on permanent charge (which changes to a small trickle when full charge is reached) is the best way for infrequent use. VOX
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