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Default Battery charging

To prolong battery life, I've heard rechargables should be treated differently depending on which kind they are. Here's the list of the main types of rechargeables and how I understand they should be treated.

NiCd - Allow to drain near completely before recharging

Lithium ion - Recharge to maximum as soon as possible and avoid draining the battery completely when possible

NiMH - ???

I don't know how to handle NiMH batteries and I'm not sure I have it right for the other two. How should each of these rechargeables be handled?
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Try the following site:
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NiMH were initially designed to overcome the shortcomings of NiCADs. I've heard various advice regarding their charging treatment, but I follow the engineering datasheet recommendations from Energizer - since they do go into depth about the oxidation chemistries at the poles, and various other superfluous info that made sense to me (probably too much info for mere consumers).

I bought a Maha C204 charger for its conditioning function. I condition my cells about once every 6 charges. They probably don't require it, but I feel better having done it.

Just know that ALL NiMH fast chargers will overcharge - that is a necessity for zero/negative delta V termination of charge or to switchover to trickle mode. With that in mind, I try to charge least frequently as possible - which means using them till the end. Also with the termination of charge detection, a higher current profile will overcharge cells the least ie. fastest smart chargers are the friendliest on cells (not the 1hr Rayovac which consistently kills cells).
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Originally Posted by Onyx
...(probably too much info for mere consumers)...
Well thas me cause I have no idea what you just said!
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Lots of excellent technical, but easy to grasp information about battery technology/ care and feeding can be found here:

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