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Default No Power with Sony DSC-P1

My camera and/or charger and/or battery has died. I put a voltmeter on the output of the factory AC adaptor (AC-LS1A) and it reads 0.0v. This doesn't look good.

Can someone out there check their AC adaptor with a voltmeter and let me know what it reads? (I want to make sure the AC adaptor is "dumb" and doesn't turn on unless the camera tells it to)

Also, if my AC adaptor it hosed, has anyone clipped off the proprietary end and soldered it onto a radio shack AC adaptor? (I really don't want to give Sony any more money for this camera, it wasn't all I expected it to be!).
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Default Adapter US

I put a voltmeter on and it reads 4.2 Volts so your adapter must by US!!
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Default How I fixed AC-LS1A ac adaptor for Sony DSC-P1

After learning my adaptor should output 4.2v and it was outputting 0.0v I decided to open it up and see if there was anything obvious I could do to fix it.

There is one special Torx screw under the label. You need a special screwdriver to remove it. Since I didn't have the screwdriver I used a 3/16" inch drill and (carefully) drilled off the head. Next I used a thin screwdriver to split the case and remove the circuit board.

Once I had it apart I noticed the 110v socket was no longer soldered to the board. It must have shaken loose during my travels and plugging and unplugging the cord a few hundred times. Anyway, a quick soldering job and voila, 4.2v again.

Lastly, since the screw was destroyed I just taped it back together with duct tape, ugly but functional.

Thanks to Bulkos and hope this helps prevent someone in the future from wasting money on a new AC adaptor.

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Hi, guys

I have a dsc-p8 ani i recently lost my adaptor.

I think it's the AC-LS5A.

I managed to recreate the jack for the DC-input in my camera by using silicone and copper wires. But know I don't know which contacts I have to bridge and/or connect the DC-in.

Can anyone please use a voltemeter to measure the output from the charger/adaptor at the various contacts and send me a schematic or just the description?

Thanks in advance
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