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Default Battery FULL but not FULL on P1

I have a P1 with the Sony NP-FS11 installed. After approx 1.5 year of using the camera with the same battery I got the problem that, whenever charging, it gives me a full mesasage. This is normal......right?!?! But when using the cam after just a few minutes it reads empty and the cam stops working. I decided to buy a new battery and the first charge gave me 49 minutes of shooting. The second 29 minutes and now, after the third charge it reads full at only 18 minutes and it will not charge more than that (than it says FULL).
CAN ANYBODY TELL ME THE PROBLEM. I know the charger works fine!
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Is this one of those infolithium cases going haywire? ie the battery status is out of whack with the actual battery. you can try to reset it or buy a new pack!
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I think you battery already reachs its life term and it needs to be replace, llok like it can take any more charge and the life is shorten every time, check to see if the battery is still under the warranty, if it does, send it back to Sony and ask for replacement, if not, you need to get a new one...
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one of the best are the lithium mAh1750 battreys u can charge them for ever and the barttreys wont die
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Default re: P1 battery problem...

I have the same problem with the battery in my Sony P1. I'm afraid this is very bad news. If you do a search for "battery problem Sony DSC-P1" on the internet, you can find all sorts of people with this problem. It appears as though it is a MAJOR flaw of the camera and Sony doesn't offer good customor service regarding the issue. Go read what all of these people on CNET are saying about it: http://electronics.cnet.com/electron...8-6161402.html

I'm pretty depressed about it. I think I will have to buy a new camera.
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Did you read this post on this forum. May be same problem with repair. ar

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