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Default Battery charger problems...

Hi everyone!
As i ve mentioned in previous post i am using an olympus BU-300 battery charger, output: 240mah. T
The charger came with 4x1700 mah batteries which take a full charging cycle(9hours) to charge.
Also I bought two extra packs the one of then being 2350mah.
When i try to charge the 2350mah batteries after leaving them in the charger for almost 2 cycles (when the 1st cycle stops i uunplug-replug the charger)
when i take them out and subsequently use them in my camera after 5 minutes the indication battery empty comes up and camera switches off...
any explanation????
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sounds like the charger is current limited to a certain level. buy a better charger like a Maha 401. the charger that came with my canon D7hi was a useless doorstop even with the original minolta supplied cells. i charge all my collection of cells from 1400-2100 mah on them successfully.

also check your cells you may have a sour one.
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Get a "smart" charger like the Maha C-204F or the even smarter Maha C-401FS

Those OEM chargers are slow and not very smart, they might be using a simple timer circuit made for the lower capacity batteries that it came with - in which case higher capacity cells will never get fully charged.

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you are right, i need to invest some money to get a good charger...
i think i found a temporary solution though, in order to charge high capacity batteries, higher than the indicated one, i unplug-replug the charger in order to extend the charging cycle from 9 hours to lets say 14.
The problem that i had before was that when the first cycle of the charger would end, i did not start the second one immidiately, but often i would forget the batteries in the swtched off charger for a couple of hours until they had cooled down.
What i found is that in order to fully charge them i have to start the second cycle immidiately after the first when they are still hot...i dont know why that is, but it works!
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