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Many battery chargers charge in sets of 2 or 4 batteries. A few will individually monitor batteries.

If I am charging two batteries together as a set that are the same brand, are both 2200, etc, but I have used one so it is dead and the other one still has some power in it. Can I charge them together as a set? Will the battery that already has more power be over charged? Will the battery that was fully discharged be undercharged? Or will the charger stop them at the correct place for that battery even though they are being charged in a pair.

For the sake of having a battery charger in mind for anwering this questionthe Maha C204F can be used, but I am still deciding what charger to buy.

Thank you for your help with what is probably a very simple question.

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It would be ideally better if both batteries were around the same usage and in need of power resupply. When you are using a two bank charge as oppsed to individual bank charger, the charge goes into one battery end and then through the other battery out.

You would think that the battery that has a little more power, therefore less need of a charge, will charge up first and cause the other battery to not receive as full a charge. Whereas, as single individual attention to each battery charger would do a better job at charging all the batteries the same.

I have tried 5 different chargers: 3 of those were single bank individual chargers, the other two were two or four only chargers. (Quest, Rayovac, Maha 401 individually, and the Lightning Pack 4000N and the NEXcell 20FC were 2 or 4 charger).

In continual test and comparisons it has been my experience (over and over), that the Lightning Pack 4000N and the NEXcell 20FC continually and consistently do a better job at charging the batteries than do the other 3 that are individual single bank chargers. Go figure???

I have had 3 of the Maha 401FS's (2 I still have one replaced), and they all have charged inconsistently. Batteries (4) all used in set groups together and have been charged and used about 8 or nine times beofre (charged on slower cool charge)will have one finish (2200 or 2300's as from my last charge with the Maha 401FS) 5 hr 32min, 7 hr 09 min, 7 hr 55min, 8 hr 13 min. Even when used on fast charge, when the chargers werenew, the batteries would finish within ten minutes of each other, but after about 3 uses, the sporadic and inconsistent times reappear; and these will not go as far in my Olympus C-750.

Just my personal experience. So the short answer to your question would be, if it will make you feel better knowing that the batteries are going to be at or near the same capacity, then buy a charger with the conditioning feautre and us it occasionally.

Good Day,

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I charged the Maha Powerex 2200's again today on slow (cool) charge, it only took 5 hours and 28 minutes on two in one and two bank, and then 5 hours 38 minutes on bank three, and 5 hours 39 minutes bank 4. This is an acceptable and more normal pattern for charging in this charger with slow charge (unlike the previous several attempts).

I read somewhere on one of these battery sites (can't remember which one) that one should use A charger and stick with ONE you like, as different ones use different methods and this could affect the charge of the batteries. Hmmm, I am not an electrical engineer, but maybe there is something to this, as I have used different ones in comparing them with this same set of batteries.

Good Day,

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I wanted to point out that what you describe should not be done. You are not supposed to mix batteries of different charge levels on a charger that charges in sets. It is not good for the battery that has the extra charge.

Personally, I've had almost no trouble with my 401FS (in fact only once or twice in a year.) They were recommended to me by people who fly model airplanes. As one person put it "People who fly planes really care about the quality of their batteries & chargers. They want good consistant power that is predictable. You don't want your plane falling out of the sky because you were off by 10 minutes of charge." Personally, I wouldn't cut it that close, but I see his point.

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