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I have an older camedia brio D100 that does the trick. I was getting the low battery message so I decided to buy another pack (Crv3) The guy at Radio Shack recommended a nimh 15 min charger ( IC-3 ) The problem is that after putting the batteries in the camera wont start when you slide the lens cover. I went back and they put a new CRV3 and the camera will still not work. What bothers me is that the camera worked fine until the old battery died. I spoke to Olympus support who said the batteries they sold me should've worked and that they didnt know what coulev caused it. They suggested to send it back for repairs. Of course It will prob be cheaper to get a new one. Could these batteries had friend my camera?

ANy ideas?

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Not likely, sounds more like a coincidence to me. We tested both types of batteries when we reviewed it and both worked fine.
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I have the same exact problem. The camera worked well for over a year. It had never been dropped, submerged, or in other way abused/neglected.

The only possible cause I can imagine is what if when the batteries were changed the "fresh" batteries had been put into the camera "backwards"? Could swapping the +/- on the batteries have damaged the electronics in someway?

I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions as to how to fix the camera or if it is considered a total loss and should be scrapped.

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