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12v 1/2amp input to charger is 6Watts. Knock off a bit for inefficiency and headroom, continuous rating, that's about 5 Watts to put in the batts.

If the 4 AA batts are each 1.2V 1800mA, that's about 2watts per cell per hour. So the shortest charge time will be about 8/6 or 1.3 hours, and that's a bit theoretically optimistic, assuming constant maximum current on charge!

Conclusion? Say you now buy 2200mA batts. You should be looking for at least a big 12V 1 A (12 watts) input for 1hour fast re-charge. Fast charge 8 cells then that's 12V 2A (24 Watts).

I can't find anything futureproof to cope with emerging bigger capacity cells, so its seems like getting a bag of controller IC's and self build is the only solution!

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Default HELP!!! - Charging Rechargeable Batteries


Your response has finally solved my problem.

Thank you very much, twolfe
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