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Wavshrdr wrote:
Don't forget that normally the higher the capacity they fewer cycles they will last before starting to lose capacity. So after about 300 cycles your 2500 may actually be down to 2100 if they were every truly 2500's in the first place.

I agree with the comment that Sanyo's normally are very accurately rated. I have also found the Engergizer ones seem very similar to the Sanyo's of equal capacity.

Energizer and Sanyo are indeed close. I think Energizer uses rebadged Sanyo cells. I've seen Energizer cells that looked like Sanyos, i.e. the small HR sign on the flat negative pole and the 4 small vents on the positive pole. There are many brands that IMO use Sanyo cells, Sony, Olympus and Kodak are just few of them. I actually e-mailed Sanyo some time ago asking about this and the reply read something like We cannot disclose such information.
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One problem I've found with the ever increasing capacity of the cells is simply the battery manufacturer is putting higher capacity ratings on lower capacity cells. That would be simple to do and how would the consumer of the cells know the difference?

I use a La Crosse BC-900 charger that can test the capacity of the cells. So I was wondering why a lot of my cells didn't even come close to their rated capacity. A light bulb finally lit up in my head. The cells with higher capacity were just relabled older cells and I was getting ripped off and paying a premium price for the same old stuff.

That is not to say all manufacturers do the relabeling trick. I've found some battery companies very honest or even conservative in their ratings for the cells they cell. I find Rayovac honest and Sanyo and Energizer conservative in their cell ratings. Those companies consistently have the rated or higher than the rated cell capacity. The other companies, well, I haven't tried them all but a lot of the other companies have lower or inconsistent ratings to their cells. YMMV.
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I just bought some Eveready 2500s at Best Buy. I use them in my flash units. They work great but I can't really tell much difference from the 2300s that I had been using.
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Oops - I meant Eneergizer :?
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