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This evening I bought new Pentax Optio43WR. I am so excited and at the same time I am nervous cuz it is my first digital camera. I will be doing lots of experimenting before my week-long backpack trio in a week and one-half. :|

My concern is the batteries longevity. I don't want to carry too many batteries due to weight and space. I have heard that non-chargeable CV-3 is the best. I am wondering which brand is the best. I bought Sanyo from the camera store and am not sure about its quality. Would like to hear from other people's experience with certain brand CV-3 (or AA lithium) for a long period of time.

Many thanks.
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I've only used regular CRV3 batteries as a backup for my 43wr, and hardly ever have to fall back on them. For less than the price of one-use CRV3's you can buy rechargeable NIMH AA's, or rechargeable CRV3's (RCRV3) that can be used many times.
Using rechargeable batteries is much more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.
I purchased the RCRV3's, and they seeem to outlast my rechargeable NIMH AA's (2400MAH).
The most inexpensive place to get the RCRV3's, and charger, that I have found is buy.com. The Omicron batteries alone are only $12 there, and I have seen them at $25 each, elsewhere. Keep in mind that not every RCRV3 charger is compatible with every RCRV3 battery, if you decide to go that route. Omicron has their own charger, and their RCRV3's are also compatible with Digipower chargers.
Rechargeable NIMH AA's are fine, as well. I found thay they have to go through a discharge, and recharge cycle a couple of times when new, before their full potential is realized, so if you go that route, don't be surprised if the camera does not operate as long as you expect with the first couple of charges.
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Thanks for sharing your experiences with batteries.

I will go ahead with several non-rechargeable CVR-3 (I agree with you rechargeable is cost effective and environmentally friendly). I am nervous cuz I just bought this camera and am in experiment stage.

Only one more week left till my week-long backpack trip, do you have any tips for me regarding this camera? I'd appreciate that very much.

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It is pleasure to get to know you. We are the manufacuter of consumers eletronics, expecially in digital cameras accessary like batteries & chargers. (RCRV3 & RCR123a)

As our marketing and sales in North America especially in the USA getting prospering, we think it is the time to let more customers totake the advantages and usage pleasure of our innovative and cost saving products. Therefore, I am glad to advise you that we are now going to adjust the costs of our Rechargeable CR123a & Rechargeable CRV3Li-on Batteries. The adjusted pricingis as below:
  • Rechargeable CR123a Li-on Battery: Originalunite price 8.98 USD/each (FOB Shenzhen), Revised unite price 6 USD/each (FOB Shenzhen) [/*]
  • Rechargeable CRV3 Li-on Battery: Originalunite price 11.38 USD/each (FOB Shenzhen), Revised unite price8 USD/each (FOB Shenzhen)
As the pioneer manufacturer of these Rechargeable Batteries & Chargers here in China since early last May, it will never overstate we are very professional in this field and that our Rechargeable CR series are 100% compatible with Digital Camera and Spotlights using non-Rechargeable CR123a and CRV3. You know our pricing have absolutely competitive edge compared with our followers and non-Rechargeable CR series.

After all, we are hoping we can be able to benefit from our innovative products,andwe arestrongly confident that with your cooperation and effortsthat we can push the marketing and sales in your country.

Please feel free to let me know should you have any comments or questions.

Thanks for your kind attention, and I look forward to hearing from you ASAP.

Best Regards,


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Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

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