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I have a Uniross Ni-Mh battery charger (a few years old) i recently bought a digital camera and bought a set of Uniross 2300mAh batteries. it says 1.2v on them but

on the back of my charger it says


AA - 4 x (1,4V ----- 250mA 0.35VA)

what are these numbers and will it be ok to charge my new batteries or do you need a special charger for high capacity batteries :?


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1.2V is nominal, when 1st removed from a charger the battery will put out a slighly higher voltage...

-> It's OK to use your old charger, but from the current rating: 250mA, it looks like a "dumb" slow charger. This unit will take at least 9.2(2300mAh/250mA) or longer hours due to efficiency to charge your new set of batteries. 0.35VA is the power rating (1.4V x 0.250A = 0.35VA).
IMO it's more convenient to get a faster 1-hour charger or less. Theses new devices will have a much higher current ratings, do it in pulses and will have control circuits in them to stop the charge when completed, the better ones will have individual circuit for each cell and you can tell by the numbers of LEDs on them.
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