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Default Disappointing Ray-O-Vac

While trotting through K-Mart the other day, I picked up 4 AA 1600mAH Ray-O-Vac NiMH batteries for about $12.

I put them in my wireless mouse to try them out. Powerex 1600mAH from Thomas run the mouse for months.

Unfortunately, these Ray-O-Vac batteries completely washed out from a full charge in only about 3 weeks.

Pretty disappointing performance and not a good investment, considering that for a couple of bucks more in total cost with shipping I could have bought the Powerex brand.

I saw a post here a while back talking about the same Ray-O-Vac batteries and wonder what others' experience has been with these.
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I've heard reports that new Nimh batts in cams don't do well on the first couple of charges. After the've been emptied a couple of times and re-charged they are often OK.
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I agree, when I first got my Sanyo VPC-X350 the Sanyo batteries did not work good for the first few charge/discharge cycles.
they held a charge longer after being cycled a few times.
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You will always need to cycle new NiMH batteries 3-4 times before they will hold close to a full charge. This is because most chargers cutoff before a "full" charge to avoid damaging the cell. The fullest charge you will get is about 90% so it takes 3-4 charge/discharge cycles to condition a new cell.

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