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I am purchasing the Canon G6 camera. The battery it comes with is a BP-511A. Are there other batteries that would last longer or is this a good battery? I wanted to buy a back-up battery and also see that they have generic ones. Are they just a good? Leaving on vacation soon and want to make sure that I am set for taking pictures for the day.:?
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I can't answer specifically about that battery as I'm not a Canon user (someone in the Canon forum here might be able to answer).

First is get a second (or even a third) battery...one battery will never last "the whole day". A lot depends on how much you zoom, how much you use the LCD, how many times you use the flash.

Second (although it may be too late for you), you should give yourself at least a month to become familiar with the camera and its limitations...practice shooting both outdoors and indoors...also maybe inside a church so you can get familiar with how your camera will react to strong windowlight.

Get extra memory cards, or an external storage device for when you fill up your card. On my last trip I took four cards with me, which was enough for my week long trip (I knew I wouldn't use more).
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Thank you for the information. I do have several compact flash cards and will play with the camera some. I don't leave for a couple of weeks. Never thought about taking the pictures inside a church. That is a great idea! Thanks Again!:-)
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Canon's BP-511 and BP-511A batteries are some of the best in the industry and Canon's been using them for years now. You can find all kind of "generic" BP-511 type batteries on the net and at eBay - most of them are good and inexpensive replacements for the OEM Canon battery but some are duds so be careful who you buy from if not getting a 2nd "real" Canon battery (recommended.)
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