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I DO NOT buy until i know how much current it draws !

They are ripping off the public with battery hogs !

Everything from pocket calulators to TV remotes to

video cams to portable HDD !!

I need a DIGICAM and 2.5 " HDD to take 4 MB/pixel stills

and VGA @ 30fps video , but i can't get info on watts !

It can be as low as 5 watts ( all modern 2.5" HDD are 5vdc at .5 amp) )

But if they screw up the interface circuitry ,the non-HDD drtaw

could be very high , maybe an amp . ( total draw 10 watts )!!

BTW NimH are the most cost effective batt's avail' . i think i've seen

2 amp hour AA's , but anything above 1.5 is cost effective .

Lith ion are only cost effective were space is premium , like note books .

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I haven't seen any manufacturers giving info on power consumption in electrical units, rather they quote approximate runtime. Reviewers usually do the same. Anyway, I wouldn't worry that much about power consumption. As you say NiMH cells are very cost effective. Talking about digital still cameras the newer generation of cams are surprisingly energy efficient. If you don't want to pay extra for Li-ion packs just get a camera that uses AA cells, two sets of cells plus a godd charger and forget the rest. About camcorders AFAIK you are stuck with expensive Li-ion packs
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