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My luggage was recently lost and wouldn't you know it, my Minolta A1 battery charger was in it. I need to buy a new charger. Has anyone used any third party chargers? what would you recommend?

Thank you,

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Check over on eBay in the Digital Camera Accessories - Batteries and Chargers, lots of good, inexpensive chargers there for NP-400 batteries.
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I recently purchased a used Oly SHLD2 high powered battery grip for my E-1 for very cheap late last year.... it was about 1/3rd the listed price due to the fact the former owner somehow fried the BCL1 charger for the huge 3400mah li-Ion battery in it. I figured I would pick it up and try and find a generic charger as the original Olympus charger was just over $300cdn!:shock:. The first one I tried (bought locally so I could return it if it didn't work out) and ended up keeping was the PowerEX (Maha) MH-C777PLUS-II. It has adjustablecharging pins so you can set them up for almost any battery layout and works likea charm not only on thehuge BLL-01 batteryin the grip but also the regular Oly BLM-1 batteries. It takes a little longer to charge as its mah charge rating isn't as high as the oly chargers but since its able to charge both types of batteries for me its the one I use now instead of havingpotentially three chargers on my desk. It was a little pricy at almost $100cdn though (you more than likely could find something cheaper for your needs).... but thats a bargin compared to the $300 Oly wanted!Steve also has a review of it here.
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