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Default Rechargable Alkalines

I am tempted to buy rechargable alkaline batteries for my new Digital camera, Fuji A203.
Why? Because of the LOW self discharge (3%/year).
I´ve heard that NiMh self-discharge totaly in 2-3 months and the worst thing i can think of is that the camera battery is empty (or almost empty) when i grab it on the run.
I, like most people, dont think of recharging in the meantime.

The main reason for my issue, is of course fear for my wife´s sarcastic words: "Whythe*He..*buyanexpensivestupiddigitalcamerathat donteverworkswhenitschouldwhenouroldcameraalwaysdi d"

I´ve tried a set of rechargable Demacell Alkalines (www.demacell.com) that my pal bought for his camera.
His camera (Fuji 4700) was to power-consuming and these batterys could´nt deliver enough amperes (battery warning and camera turns off when he uses zoom).
My camera needs a lot less current and i experienced no such problem. I filled up my 16Mb XD-memmory card 6 times (with movies) before battery warning (but the batterys got a little bit warm).
The spec says 1500mAh.
Now my question?
Have anyone tested rechargable Alkalines (or could make a qualified guess) about their chances against NiMh when it comes to mAh´s used i digicams?

Any other experiences of rechargable alkalines?

Greatful for answer
Lars-Erik Eriksson
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Buy rechargeable NiMH. They will last longer and sustain a longer charge. Check out the digital accessories page for Steve's review
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Rechargeable alkalines are CRAP in digicams, don't waste your money on them. Buy a good NiMH charger and set (or two) of NiMH batteries. Leave one set on the charger and one set in the camera. Grab up the ones from the charger and take with you and use as needed.

I highly recommend the Maha C-204F charger and a set of 1800mAh or higher capacity NiMH batteries. Go here for info:


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gee steve no ****.
totally agree on that. in fact they really don't work that well in most high draw toys.
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Thank you very much for your answers!
Now i know much more.
I guess i buy a pare of good NiMh instead.
Maybe i buy an extra pare of Lithium AA cells for spare.

Thanks again
Lars-Erik Eriksson
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I haven't tried rechargable alkalines, but I do store my camera with a set of alkalines so that it is ready for the unplanned shot.

I have several sets of NiMH 1700 mAh and a rayovac 1 hour charger, so that when I am going out I pop the batteries into the charger and they are ready in less than an hour. The charger is 12 volts and a car cord is available, but I made my own from parts I had and Radio Shack. If you buy a charger this is a handy thing to keep in mind. I know Steve has said the MAHA uses 12v so it also could easily be used in the car. This is great since I have charged batteries driving from the wedding to the reception!
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