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I have question regarding the quick discharge of batteries. I have a device (camcorder light) that outputs 20w and a power souce with 25w. I persume the powerpack will die within a hour. The question is.... will this damage the batteries long term use if I keep using a high load device. Would it be better to use a 10w load rather the 20w.
If this kills the long term use of the batteries, is it better to use the 20w light for 30 or 40 min and recharge the batteries again.

One last question my power pack consist of 8 AA Nimh batteries it totals 9.6v @ 2500mAh. The load is 12v @ 20w. Am I getting the full 20w of power since the powerpack produces only 9.6v rather than 12v. -garman


thought I would add a pic of the light....

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Greetings garman from NZ to Toronto....

I find your description of discharging 10/20w confusing.

It is best to discharge the cells to 1volt per cell, whatever you use to discharge
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Excuse my explanations or wording, not very technical in these matters. What I am trying to convey is the long term use of the battery pack if I use a very high drain load.
If I keep using the light source (20 or 30w) on my home made battery pack will I be able to use those batteries (power pack) lets say over 3 to 4 years or the specified 1000 recharge cycles.
Highly doubt you can get a 1000 or even 700 recharge cycles on any Nimh battery. Excuse my rant!

BTW..... Someday I would like to visit the Big Z, Looks very pristine from the travel brochures i've look through. -cheers
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